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Golem DVD Cover

The Golem DVD

Here's a DVD of Murnow's famous, and not a small bit anti-Semetic, silent film classic presented with a score by myself and the members of Rubinchik's Yiddische Ensemble, including Cantor Neil Blumofe.

You can follow this link and buy it online, or simply send me a check for $20 to the address noted below.

Slap Bass DVD
"Slap Bass - The Ungentle Art" DVD

Widely aknowleged as the best instructional video of its kind, now available in limited release on DVD.

Mr. Smith and I walk you through the right hand technique, from simple single slaps all the way to the flashy triples and rhumbas, breaking down the elements of the style into it's components. Slap playing differs from individual to individual, and in various musical settings. We also cover string bass set-up, amplification secrets and the proper care and feed of the right hand.
41 minutes, color.

Order online or send me a check for $40 to the address below.

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